What do you want to accomplish with your Website?

These days, your Website is your most important marketing tool. It should work to achieve your specific marketing objectives. Here are the three things a Website does the best:

  • Establish a Relationship
  • Supply Information
  • Close a Sale

Maybe you’re a community and you mainly need to establish a relationship with your guest and connect them with like-minded individuals.  So a site with strong social media interaction may be just the thing you need. Maybe you also need to supply information to the community.  So adding a blog may be a great way to communicate with your community. Maybe your Website needs to do all of the above, in that order.  So a blogsite may be just what you need. Whatever your goals, your Website needs to be designed and developed from the ground up with your objectives in mind.

Not all Websites are the same in how they look or function.  A community Website would need to be designed differently than let’s say an ecommerce Website. How your Website is designed and developed has an impact on your guests and search engines. Certainly not all your guests will read every word on your site.  We’d like to think they will, but truly, they look at bullets points and headlines and focus on your imagery. In seconds a guest will determine if they stay or if they go.

Having a professionally designed Website gives you the best possible advantage over your competition. Professional Website designers know how to move your guest to a sale or supply information in the best possible way. Moreover, a professional Website designer will establish a relationship with your guest making it easy for you to sell or motivate them. They will also make sure that the search engines can read and rank your new Website giving it the best possible advantage in the search engines.

Make your objectives clear in the beginning.  Your professional Website designer will then move the Website project in the direction of your goals.