You do what you best. Whether it’s running a business or non-profit or functioning as a major component in a large corporation. There are many options for you to choose for Website Development. It seems everyone knows of someone who can make a Website. Your brother in law, or neighbor or receptionist may know how to make a Website.  But is that enough for online success?

Is it enough to just make a small business Website and put it on the Internet?  Will you get the results you want from a Website made by a novice or inexperienced person who knows the very basics? Why would you trust one of your most important marketing tools, to a novice? The money you think you’re saving will end up costing you long term.

Successful Websites are developed from the ground up.  How a site is designed and coded can determine your search engine ranking, moving your guest to a call to action, or developing a relationship. All of these components need to be designed and developed to move your guest through your Website and ultimately to your goal. Novices usually don’t take this in to consideration because they’re focusing on the design and coding (basics) of a site.

A successful Website is more than just pretty pictures placed on a screen. You may say you want your site developed by your assistant or employee so you have more control over how it looks and functions but mostly so it will save you money.  But truly will it save you money if it doesn’t accomplish your goals? Will it save you money if the search engines don’t rank it high enough? Will it save you money if it isn’t cross browser friendly or mobile friendly? The answer is, no.

A successful Website can make or break your business. It’s an investment just like the equipment you may purchase or the building you rent or the employees you hire.  It’s necessary and important, not optional and not something to be dabbled with. Your competition knows this.  They’re investing.  Are you?