Using WordPress as a Content Management System

Being the most popular content management system used today, WordPress has everything we need to build you a complete website.  In fact, it competes with established content management systems such as Joomla! and Drupal.

In WordPress, we use ‘pages’ for your static content and ‘posts’ as blog, news or PR entries. Pages can have sub-pages allowing us to create a complete hierarchy of contents with drop down navigation. Using WordPress, we can also select a specific page to be your home page. Categories and tags make it easy to jump between related pages.

Let us choose or build you a theme that displays posts and pages properly for both human visitors and search engines, then you’ll be ready to open for business.

What’s the different between a blog and a blogsite?

  • Blogsites generally contain more pages than regular blogs. Blogs contain more blog posts.
  • Blogsites normally look like a regular Website with a blog, rather than just a listing of posts.  And usually offering only interactive comments on the blog part of the site.
  • WordPress blogsites offer the ability to have a user friendly content management system along with the most popular blog platform around.

Search Engine Friendly

A few years back, people considered search engine optimization (SEO) as a sort of witchcraft. We make sure  search engine spiders can find their way around your website and analyze page contents efficiently.

We take care of most SEO concerns for you by using WordPress to render valid HTML and use a correct hierarchy of headings. You and your copywriter can help (a lot) by writing short, topical pages, which search engines can easily understand. We find it’s very helpful for humans, too, especially those you want to find your business and become your customers.

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