In reality we all can’t be number one.  Especially when it comes to search engines. You can’t be all things to all people.  You have to choose your niche, work your niche and be a success in it. But more importantly, help your customers achieve success and they will tell their friends and then guess what, they will make you successful.

I’m constantly asked by clients to place their business at the top of a search engine. That’s such an arbitrary thing to ask because there are so many variables that should be applied to that question.  For instance, what search engine? What search phrase? There are a multitude of possibilities.  The question should be “What will it take for first page placement in Google for the term ‘children’s socks’ or ‘children’s footwear'”?  That’s a more reasonable question.

A lot of people think there is a magic way to gain first placement in a search engine under a certain phrase.  When in reality, it takes work and time and money. Certainly, you could do it yourself and save the money part but it will most likely take time and work. And if you don’t have money, then some expertise as well. This stops most people because they don’t want to hear that it will take work on their part or time. And while they are willing to throw money at the project, they’re not really willing to throw the amount of money it will take.  Most online marketers charge thousands per month to work your Website in to the search engines. And truly I have seen clients gain minimal placement or none at all after spending ten thousand or more through some “marketer”.  So it’s really a gamble when you’re dealing with Internet marketers.

The answer to this is, build your Website properly in the beginning so it’s organically search engine friendly. Find your niche, work your niche and success will come. We’ve been doing this since 2001.