When you’re ready to get started on your project, Seattle Design Group requires 50% of the estimated proposal as a down payment or retainer before any development begins.

Once your deposit is received, we create speculative (or spec) designs for your review. After you have selected your project or Website design direction, we begin designing options for you. Once you decide upon a design direction another 25% is due. After that is received we finish the development. You’re involved during the process to make decisions and offer suggestions to enhance your project.

Depending upon the scope of your project, how quickly decisions are made and your content requirements, the Website development time can take 4-6 weeks. When we’ve completed the project to your satisfaction and as outlined in our proposal, the balance is due upon receipt of your final invoice.

Seattle Design Group retains ownership of any and all art work and programming until the balance due is paid in full.

These are general guidelines for our industry and protect you, the client, our artists and subsequently, your project. Our goal is to supply you with a product you can be proud of at an affordable price.

The bottom line is: We work with you to achieve your goals so your project is profitable for all concerned.

When you work with Seattle Design Group, you truly have a partnership to help your business succeed. Let’s work together to create an outstanding Website at an affordable price.


First, we don’t do cookie cutter price packages. All projects are as unique as your individual business and we take great care to match your needs with the expert talents of our group members.

Pricing varies from project to project and also depends on the services you require, group members involved and project scope.

When you invest in your business by hiring Seattle Design Group, we make recommendations based on our many years of experience. The cost and scope of your project is determined not only by your budget but also by the experience of our group members and their availability. It’s important we know your budget considerations up front so we don’t waste your time. That’s why we require each potential client to fill out our online bid request form.

  • Generally, SDG can work within any budget however we charge by the hour so the more hours you can allow us, the better the outcome of your project.
  • Ecommerce Website development starts at around $5,000 and usually require monthly third party gateway processor charges. However PayPal is a very affordable ecommerce option if you only have a few products and a tight budget.  We also develop custom ecommerce solutions.

We try to work within any budget to give our customers exactly what they want. Because we cannot determine the scope of the project until we know your specific needs, we only provide firm proposals after you’ve completed the bid request form and we’ve had a chance to consult. Let’s get started!

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