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There is life below the fold

The “Above the Fold” Myth

This subject has a rich heritage dating back to the old newspaper days where big stories were placed on the top half of the page above where the paper gets folded. The school of thought was, people would read this first.  Once they started reading, they would maybe advance in to the newspaper to read the full story.  If they didn’t go past the first page, it didn’t matter because all the important stuff was above the fold. This school of thought carried over to Websites for some bizarre reason and in to the 21st century (even more bizarre).

Why invest in a professionally designed Website

You do what you best. Whether it’s running a business or non-profit or functioning as a major component in a large corporation. There are many options for you to choose for Website Development. It seems everyone knows of someone who can make a Website. Your brother in law, or neighbor or receptionist may know how to make a Website.  But is that enough for online success?

The four reasons why you should have a blogsite

Your business should have a professional Website by now, designed by a pro, coded by a pro and optimized for search engines.  But is that enough? Not these days.  Websites today, need to be interactive like never before.  That means your Website guests can communicate with you on a personal level and feel like they’ve come to the right place.  Blogsites can do this very well if you’re involved in their development and on-going development.  Here’s why:

SEO and Online Marketing

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but most of the online marketers that promise you number one search engine rankings are probably lying. I know that’s a strong statement and truly some of them may be honest, but I haven’t found one yet. I hear horror stories from potential clients about how they’ve spent thousands of dollars each month for several months only to learn that their SEO company had done very little.

Blogsites are taking over the world – Do you have yours?

Blogsites or blog Websites, they’re everywhere.  Everyone has one and everyone is now a blogger. Or, are they? Do you need to be a blogger to have a blogsite? What are the benefits of having a blogsite? Why shouldn’t I just have a regular Website, or maybe just a blog? Are they complicated to edit and set up? I’m not a writer, why would my business need a blogsite?

The 10 things you need to do before you hire any Web designer or Web developer

Want to make the most of your time with your Web developer? Save time and money- take these 10 steps before you contact anyone.  It will help you organize your project and make it easier for you and your pro to achieve exactly what you want.

What does your Website say about your business or organization?

Do you have Website shame? Are you directing people to your Website?  Is it working for you? Your business Website is your most important marketing tool. How you appear to your potential customers can make or break your online success. It may be time to re-design, re-work and re-capture your audience.

Are we too worried about being #1 in the search engines?

In reality we all can’t be number one.  Especially when it comes to search engines. You can’t be all things to all people.  You have to choose your niche, work your niche and be a success in it. But more importantly, help your customers achieve success and they will tell their friends and then guess what, they will make you successful.

How does a search engine, like Google, see your Website?

Basically, it takes a search engine, like Google, roughly a fraction of a second to retrieve, rank and return a list of websites to you that are the most relevant to your search. That’s pretty amazing, especially when you consider the billions of pages that exist on the Internet.

How do you compete?

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